Car cleaning hacks to make your spring cleaning last

Car cleaning hacks to make your spring cleaning last

Like your home, your car also needs spring care. There are so many things that an owner must do to keep their car spring safe, like vacuuming the interiors, changing winter tires, under-seat cleaning, polishing, and waxing, etc. These are some of the basic doings, the question is how to make your spring cleaning last long? 


The dealers such as Rocking Nissan Of Richmond, Hamer Honda provide best car maintenance services to the customers. You can also visit them to estimate their best services for your car. Let us see.each car cleaning tips to provide the best car to your car at home.

Baby wipes for Windows

Baby wipes will help you in getting rid of all the dirt and scum deposited on the window.  With baby wipes, it’s time to say goodbye to all the smear marks that have been there for months.


Roll above the window to clean the top part as well. Don’t forget to reach the tiny interiors on the above side of the window.

Toothpaste for Headlights

Toothpaste just doesn’t only clean your teeth but also can be used to clean out your car’s headlights. It doesn’t only regain its shine but also makes it last longer. 


Rub the toothpaste with some soft cloth on the foggy parts, let it sit for a few minutes and then wash it off.

Toothbrush for Seat gunk

First toothpaste and now toothbrush, not just only clean your teeth but a lot more. Toothbrushes have the perfect size to remove the dirt accumulated between the seats from winter till now. 


A toothbrush can be used anywhere in your car to remove the dirt whether it’s on seats or carpet or some critical parts. 

Hair conditioner for Shine

If you want the car’s exterior to look all shiny, it may sound silly but hair conditioners work for it. It will give your car a shiny look, after applying it will look like you just waxed your car.


Apply some of the conditioners on the car’s exterior and then rub it with a soft cloth piece for a shiny look. Don’t use a cotton cloth.

Rubbing alcohol for Wipers

The life of wiper blades can be extended a little more by cleaning them nicely. Rubbing alcohol is a good cleaning agent, it helps in softening the streaking ends and they can work a little longer. 


Douse a wipe in the rubbing alcohol. Rub it on the streaky end, when they’re soft to touch, reassemble it.

Q-Tips for freshening Smell

Vehicles get a bad odor that seems too hard to get rid of. Use Q-Tips to clean the vent to get off the odor. If there’s a mold present on the vent, there’s nothing you can do. Just replace it.


Take a Q-Tip and rub it vigorously on the vent, make sure to get all cranny and nook while rubbing.

Everyone wants their car to remain young, that’s only possible if you give them the care they deserve. These are some of the tips you can follow to give your car a touch-up and remain young for a little while longer with these spring cleaning hacks.