Future Cars: The Upcoming Models Arriving by 2021

Future Cars: The Upcoming Models Arriving by 2021

The new car market has a huge demand for SUVs. There are dozens of latest SUV models on the way, it is true that some of them are redesigned from their previous model  and some are all-new. Is it obvious to have the dilemma of buying a car now or wait for something latest? Here is the list of upcoming cars of 2021 and beyond. 


Because of corona virus pandemics there is quite a delay in the arrival of new cars. But here is the list of upcoming cars and models for 2021. Look for the below mentioned list to choose best with features, price and performance. This will help you to choose and to also decide whether it is good to wait for you or to buy a car now.

1. 2021 BMW i4:


This is the best news for the BMW Models fans, there is a new BMW on the way, and among all the previous models this will be the quickest. It is specially designed to compete with the Tesla Models and it uses electricity for the action of driving or pushing forward. 


The interior and exterior design will have a “Gran Coupe” body. BMW i4 is powered by a single motor and will produce 530hp. It can be recharged from 0 to 80% in less than 35 minutes.


2. 2021 Electra Meccanica Solo:


Electra Solo is best for small trips. The Electra Meccanica Solo is small and weighs less than 1,500 pounds. It can operate for 100 miles in one full charge. It is available in four primary colors, more efficient, cost-effective and a very eco-friendly car. 


The Electra Meccanica is attractive for the people who are driving enthusiasts, and very environmentally conscious. It provides a very comfortable journey for commutes with less pollution.


3. 2021 Kia K5:


The new Kia 2021 K5 Model is the replacement of Optima Sedan. In comparison with the design of the older Optima Sedan, Kia is smaller in height, wider and longer  with 180 hp 4-cylinder engine. 


The special standard safety features are also available in Kia K5 2021 models such as Automatic Braking System, Driver Attention Monitoring, and Lane-centering Guidance. 


4. 2021 Lucid Air:


The brand is not so much popular but this brand is popular in the market of electric cars. This is the latest electric vehicle start-up which aims to bring the latest cars of 2021 in the market. 


The price has not yet been announced in the market but it will be economical enough with all the high-level features. It has high performance such as 2.5 seconds from zero to 60mph.


5. Nissan Ariya;


Nissan is one of the well known companies and brands for the cars. It is taking the electric car to the high level with the launch of the Nissan Ariya Model. The best thing about Nissan Ariya is its performance range i.e 300 miles in one full charge. 


There are many technology implementations such as partially automated driving technology, enabling hands-off driving in specific circumstances. It has 5 seats available in two row models.



The above listed future cars are electric cars which are eco-friendly with various special features. After reading about the incoming cars, I hope you could clear yourself in choosing now or when? 


These cars will be launched in 2021 soon and are delayed due to COVID Pandemics, but now automobiles companies are planning to launch it incoming days.