HYUNDAI GENESIS G70 Would Be A Giant Hit In 2021

HYUNDAI GENESIS G70 Would Be A Giant Hit In 2021

Hyundai Genesis not only floats akin to the luxury rooms of the hotels but lends itself to the driver and gives the pleasure to roll on a whole mover of opulent extravagance on the roads of competitions. 


A point of agility and spark of motion is raked by the extravagant features of the G70 by Hyundai and it not only poses as the most exhilarating and stupendous but does more than it speaks of. 


Hyundai Genesis happens to be extensive luxury care for the luxury aspirants and majorly targets the hefty pocketed out there in the luxury mansions. 


There are some of the Pros and Cons of the vehicle that have gone with any other vehicle, to test out the fate of the vehicle we have curated a list of them altogether. 

Swift handling Fuel economy is embarrassing
Premium interiors  Cramped rear seats
Safety features, reliability  Trunk spacing is quite smaller than expected

Newest For 2021

Though the creative new creatures haven’t walked the face of the new Genesis G70 by Hyundai and the car is still not covered with much of the newness that was more than palpated by its aspirants.


These are the attributes that we have streamlined


A massive horsepower of 253
Rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive
17 to 22 and 25 to 30 on the city and the highways 
Massive interior cabin for 5 heavy adults
Features as grandeur as a party

How Good Is The G70?

The all-new G70 by Hyundai is not only a luxury sedan but can also be tagged as a full-time sports car that is agile as the sports car of any other brand. 


It not stands as a ‘Blindfold Pick’ but would also rule out as the best of all luxury cars, below mentioned are some of the powerful punchy points that make the car the most adorable car of all time, 


Inner cabin spacing is quite large
Fantabulous reliability quotient 
Is better than any other luxury car in its segment 
A potential V6 engine
Futuristic features

What Trims Do We Have?

There are all in all three monikers and three trims that are made as available to the luxury crawlers and what might settle you would not settle the other pickers, the 2.0T powertrain does the working under the 2.0-liter engine.


A turbocharged 4 cylinder engine and a V6 twin-turbo engine for 3.3 liters are taken under the 3.3T engine. These are the trims and price bars of the vehicle.


Engine Trims MSRP Prices($)
3.3T Genesis, G70 46,200
G70 2.2T, Manual Genesis, 6 Speed 38,600
2.0T, Genesis G70 36,000

What Features And Technology We Have?

Basic Advanced
An automated emergency system of braking Surround-view system of parking
Pedestrian monitoring for detection Parking sensors for rear and front
Lane-keeping assist system  Adaptive headlights equipment
Rear alert system for rear cross-traffic  A smart head-up display

What Dealers Do We Have?

Hyundai has never fallen down and short in giving the best shot of cars to its customers and which is why we have bottled a few of the best dealers to lend you a giant deal of fun for your next Hyundai purchase, take a look at them, 


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