Volkswagen quit Motorsports to reduce expenses and shift to EVs

Volkswagen quit Motorsports to reduce expenses and shift to EVs

The Volkswagen Group is amidst an enormous change, reducing expenses and switching a large portion of the venture over to electric vehicles as a component of its Dieselgate settlement duties. That implies amendments in motorsports: Today, the Volkswagen brand declared it’s quitting racing. It doesn’t come as a shock. 


A year ago, The Automaker said it would end all non-electric motorsports programs, including pausing the production of the Mk7 Golf GTI TCR and ending improvement of a replacement on the Mk8 GTI. Leaving only the electric ID.R prototype, which got started to establish lap records at different tracks in the world, and specialized help for client rally vehicles. 


Presently, the 169 workers of Volkswagen motorsports projects will get shifted into the automaker’s road-car division to help in the advancement of EVs. The creation of the Polo GTI R5 will end this month. However, The company stated that the supply of parts for both Polo and Golf GTI race cars is secure. So, you’ll most likely observe Volkswagens engaged with significant level racing for a couple of more years. 


Also, there are no restrictions on privateers from building their own Volkswagen based race cars. However, nothing compares to buying a race car directly from the automaker. It appears there weren’t sufficient open doors for EV racing with Volkswagen, with Porsche and Audi in Formula E, and Seat’s exhibition side project/spinoff Cupra preparing for the new TCR passenger vehicle arrangement. So until further notice, in any event, it’s the stopping point for Volkwagen-marked race vehicles.